terça-feira, agosto 02, 2011

My Purpose

You are my purpose!

I want to fly. Fly around this biggest and beautiful world, just because one word: happiness.
The word with an important meaning.
I follow this road to find her, your happiness, to make you smile and in the end of this journey, to recibe my own prize when I see you living the true life!

Your happiness is mine too, your smile trigger my own,  be happy and I will share my happiness to seeing you that way with you. 

Be Happy,

1 comentário:

  1. A felicidade dos outros é difícil de detectar. Cada qual a vive à sua maneira. Por vezes um grande sorriso e uma face prazenteira, uma vida sem dificuldades escondem uma grande infelicidade.

    I am happy, my way. Be happy you too.